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It takes a visionary and determined team to create game-changing technology. These stories showcase the diverse experiences of the Lyndra team and what inspires us to reinvent medicine for a healthier world.

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yilin li headshot

Yilin Li

Associate Financial Analyst, Finance

For me, working at Lyndra is like being part of a big family. I know—because I grew up in China in a big family, the oldest of six sisters. Like members of a family, the people at Lyndra look out for and help one another. I started working at Lyndra in May 2019, and since then, the leaders on my team have become my mentors and friends. They are so kind and empathetic, and I never have to be shy about asking questions. They are also inspiring, encouraging me to always keep learning and further my...

dr patricia hurter headshot

Dr. Patricia Hurter

Member of the Board | Science and Technology Committee Chair

When I was a teenager, it was difficult to pursue my interest in science—not because I wasn’t enthusiastic (I was) or lacked the ability (I didn’t), but because in South Africa at the time, girls generally weren’t taught science. It sounds almost unbelievable now, but in order to learn topics more advanced than eighth grade biology, I had to change schools, and even then, the level of instruction for girls was usually sub-par. Still, I stuck with it. I’m a problem solver by nature, so I suppose I was driven by a need to find answers....

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