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It takes a visionary and determined team to create game-changing technology. These stories showcase the diverse experiences of the Lyndra team and what inspires us to reinvent medicine for a healthier world.

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Jeff Katstra

Senior Director, Process Development

At Lyndra, we’re encouraged to drive forward and “go boldly.” That’s actually a campaign slogan and thought referenced from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). Thinking back, it has been something I’ve tried to do my whole life, even before my career in the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, halfway through high school my family moved from New Jersey to Michigan. I did my best during that summer to get involved at my new school, by reaching out to the high school basketball coach, meeting new friends and pursuing interests in science and math. The...

Dr. Patricia Hurter

CEO | Member of the Board

When I was a teenager, it was difficult to pursue my interest in science—not because I wasn’t enthusiastic (I was) or lacked the ability (I didn’t), but because in South Africa at the time, girls generally weren’t taught science. It sounds almost unbelievable now, but in order to learn topics more advanced than eighth grade biology, I had to change schools, and even then, the level of instruction for girls was usually sub-par. Still, I stuck with it. I’m a problem solver by nature, so I suppose I was driven by a need to find answers....

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