Lyndra's Platform
Lyndra's Platform

Innovating to Transform Oral Drug Delivery

Lyndra’s LYNX® drug delivery platform is enabled by more than 50 patented innovations in design, engineering and materials science to achieve dramatically reduced dosing frequency. The platform has the potential for broad applicability across multiple therapeutic areas – including approved drugs and those currently in development.

Our Proprietary Lynx® Drug Delivery Platform

Lyndra’s LYNX® drug delivery platform is medicine, reinvented. It is designed to deliver long-acting therapies in oral form within a standard-sized capsule. Here’s how it works: The capsule contains the drug-containing elements of the dosage form, which consists of arms connected to a flexible core that is designed to enable the dosage form to achieve and maintain the desired shape while in the stomach to prevent passage through the pylorus (the opening between the stomach and the small intestine). There are linkers that connect the arms of the dosage form to the core that are designed to soften and disintegrate when the dosing period is complete. The components are designed to then pass through the pylorus, safely exiting the body. For patients and caregivers, this innovative solution means medicines have the potential to last longer and perform better in terms of pharmacokinetics than current immediate-release or extended-release oral formulations. Watch the video below to learn more!

Capsule coating

A proprietary coating is designed to make the capsule easy to swallow and to ensure it remains intact in the esophagus. In the stomach’s acidic environment, the capsule dissolves and the drug-containing elements emerge.

Drug-containing elements

The drug-containing elements are flexible and designed to move freely in the stomach while gastric waves process food normally.

Consistent drug elution

The drug-containing elements are designed to elute drug in an optimized way compared to current daily medicines, minimizing peaks and troughs of drug levels.

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"Lyndra’s LYNX® drug delivery platform—which is designed to enable a daily medication to be administered once weekly or even once monthly—has the potential to completely change how people all over the world take medicine. It could eliminate the burden of daily pills for patients with any illness or disease, improve medication adherence, reduce medication side effects by minimizing the peaks and troughs of daily dosing, and ultimately save lives."
Dr. Robert Langer - Co-founder and member of the Board

Consistent Pharmacokinetics

Lyndra’s revolutionary LYNX® drug delivery platform is more than just extended release. The LYNX® drug delivery platform’s novel long-acting oral formulation approach is designed to achieve steady, consistent drug release for an entire 7-day dosing period, potentially reducing the peaks and troughs of daily dosing. Clinical trial data showed that oral weekly risperidone (LYN-005) quickly reached therapeutic levels in patients, provided sustained risperidone drug levels for repeat one-week dosing intervals and reduced peak drug exposure relative to daily risperidone.

This graph shows the pharmacokinetic (PK) data from the LYN-005 Phase 2 study. For this study, all patients received daily oral risperidone for 14 days. Intensive PK sampling was conducted on the final day, and this is shown as day –1 to 0 in the graph above. At day 0, patients stopped taking oral daily risperidone and took the first Lyndra dose, followed by 2 more doses, each a week apart. For patients dosed with daily tablets, there is a rapid rise to the peak drug level (Cmax) and drug levels fall throughout the 24-hr period and reach Cmin at the end of the dosing period. Patient-to-patient variability in drug levels is represented by the error bars, which characterize the standard deviation. The Cmax and Cmin of the daily risperidone are shown for reference by the dashed lines, with the 90% confidence interval of those values indicated by the pink shaded regions. This represents the target therapeutic range. For patients dosed with LYN-005, drug levels quickly enter and remain in the therapeutic window throughout the dosing period, with a lower peak concentration than the daily tablets, which is a desirable feature.

Reinventing Manufacturing

Innovative, cost-effective and scalable manufacturing

Lyndra’s commitment to reinventing medicine necessitates reinventing how medicines are made.

Lyndra has designed, built and implemented equipment and processes that leverage the best of advanced technology industries with the best of pharmaceutical manufacturing to deliver novel long-acting oral treatments. The custom-built GMP manufacturing facility was opened in Lexington, MA in 2020, reflecting both a commitment to the communities Lyndra serves and a dedication to the highest manufacturing standards.

Designed to be both cost effective and able to operate at a high volume, the Lexington facility incorporates advanced manufacturing capabilities, including robotics and continuous manufacturing.

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Founded On Innovation
Intellectual property is at the core of Lyndra’s efforts to reinvent medicine. Lyndra’s IP portfolio comprises more than 50 granted patents and 100 pending patent applications, including patents licensed exclusively from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham & Women’s Hospital that broadly cover the transformative LYNX® drug delivery platform, and Lyndra-owned patent applications covering critical platform innovations, compositions and products, manufacturing processes and methods of use. Lyndra’s patent portfolio spans all major pharmaceutical markets with current patent terms expected to extend as far as 2042.
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Partnership Opportunities

Lyndra’s platform technology has untapped potential across a vast array of oral compounds. Lyndra welcomes inbound requests from pharmaceutical partners and others interested in discussing how the LYNX® drug delivery platform could optimize their therapies for long-acting oral drug delivery.