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Saumya Moorthy

Associate Director, Commercial & Portfolio Strategy

Member Highlight

I grew up in a small town in India, and I am the first member of my family to come to the United States for higher studies. Coming to America was a dream come true but it was also a big responsibility—I knew I had to make my parents proud. After graduating from St. John’s University, I started my career in drug development. When I got an opportunity at Lyndra, I was very excited to contribute to a technology that has the potential to benefit millions, and truly change the world.

It’s hard to describe how transformational Lyndra has been in my life. Lyndra is like a family to me. When I had my first baby, everyone came together to surprise me with a baby shower, and to welcome “Lyndra’s first baby” into the family. Thoughtful gestures like that have made Lyndra a home away from home, both for me and for my husband. Though we are far away from our families, we feel that we have a strong support system here in the United States.

Lyndra’s mission is to transform the way we take medicine itself. Being part of that noble mission is challenging, but also very empowering. Our first CEO, Amy Schulman’s mantra was “fearlessness.” And it is clearly visible and felt across the team in our day-to-day activities: while we’re sharing our ideas, or communicating and reaching out to others. We all work as a team and there is no bias of position or education or titles. I feel just as important and responsible for our company as anyone on the team. Each one of us is heard and considered, our opinions and suggestions matter and are always welcomed. Working in such kind of environment makes me give my best at work. Every day I strive to work hard and help make our company move forward.