May 8, 2018

About Us

Lyndra is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering ultra-long-acting oral therapies, which has never been done before.

The Lyndra Story

Lyndra was founded in 2015 by Robert Langer, Sc.D., Giovanni Traverso, M.D., Ph.D., Andrew Bellinger, M.D., Ph.D. and Amy Schulman, J.D., based on technology that emerged from the Langer Lab at MIT. In the short time since the company was founded, we have progressed treatments into the clinic far faster than the industry standard. We have formulated 19 drugs in research, generated clinical data in 4 therapeutic areas and are planning to initiate our first pivotal studies in early 2022. In addition, we are ready to move several new programs into the clinic next year.

The Best Team for the Job

Our team is the reason we continue to break barriers, grow and thrive. We are engineers and designers, technologists and chemists, doctors and nurses, and people of many other backgrounds, and we’ve come together to make meaningful change. Our values, and the exceptional people who live them every day, make us a distinctive company with the culture, purpose and drive to reinvent medicine for a healthier world.

Leadership team

Dr Patricia Hurter

CEO | Member of the Board

Jessica Ballinger

President | Chief Operations Officer


Chief Manufacturing Officer

Dr Örn Almarsson

Chief Technology

Dr Richard Scranton

Chief Medical

Klas Holmlund

Chief Financial


Chief Commercial & Business Officer


SVP, Alliance & Program Management

Dr Mary Christian

SVP, Regulatory, Quality & Compliance

Lindsay Beaupre

VP, Human Resources

Founding Team Members

Dr Rosemary Kanasty

Director, Platform Discovery | Founding Employee

Dr Tyler

Sr Director,
Engineering | Founding Employee

Board of Directors

Catherine B. Reynolds

Chair of the Board


Executive Chair of the Board | Co-Founder

Dr Patricia Hurter

CEO | Member of the Board

Dr Zafrira Avnur

Member of the Board

Dr Robert Langer

Co-Founder | Member of the Board

Dr Giovanni Traverso

Co-Founder| Member of the Board

Douglas Dachille

Member of the Board

Jillian Moo-Young

Member of the Board

Company advisors

Dr Andrew Bellinger

Co-Founder | Advisor

Dr Bernard Silverman


Dr Joga Gobburu


Dr Edmund Harrigan


Dr Thomas Laughren


Dr Peter Belafsky


Dr Ian Wilding


Company Timeline

Founded on technology developed within the MIT lab  of Dr. Robert Langer in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Platform and single agent preclinical in 2 species
($0.3 M NIH Grant)
Demonstrated gastric residence achievable with desired pharmacokinetics-single agent
($23 M Series A, $105 M AbbVie Partnership, $6 M NIH Grant(s), $4 M BMGF Grant) 
Demonstrated once-weekly dosage form can safely reside in the stomach with predictable pharmacokinetics – single agent
($18 M NIH Grant(s), $13 M BMGF Grant)
Demonstrated once-weekly dosage form can safely reside in the stomach with predictable pharmacokinetics – two agents in one capsule and preliminary food effects
($60 M Series B, $122 M Gilead Partnership, $19M NIH Grant, $3 M DoD Grant)
Expanded pipeline, repeat dosing, and food effects
($2M BMGF Grant, $1M NIH Grant)
Oral weekly risperidone (LYN-005) meets Phase 2 endpoints, path to approval defined; Fast Track designation received for oral weekly levomethadone (LYN-014)
Lyndra Therapeutics Completes $60.5 Million Series C Financing
Initiating pivotal studies, expanding clinical pipeline, and scaling up commercial manufacturing