The Lyndra Culture
The Lyndra Culture

Breaking Barriers, Succeeding Together

The Lyndra team firmly believes that diversity of identity, experience and perspectives drives innovation. Lyndra’s visionary and determined team continues to break barriers, grow and thrive. At Lyndra, equality and individuality are welcomed, valued, promoted and celebrated.

Lyndra’s values shape its culture and propel its science

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Value Every Voice

Innovation from inclusion

Design across disciplines

Forward in harmony

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Resilient To the Core

See. Share. Solve

Bend don’t break

Passion for problem solving

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I Contribute, We Deliver

Bravely lead

Success through synergy

Make it happen, together

Empowered Employees
"Lyndra’s culture really encourages openness in offering ideas and voicing opinions. I feel like my thoughts and concerns are valued, whether I’m speaking to whoever happens to be at the lunch table or directly to the CEO. This creates an environment where individuals can contribute far more than their titles may suggest.”
Rosemary Kanasty - Senior Director, Platform Discovery
Working together to break barriers and reinvent medicine

Lyndra’s visionary and determined team continues to break barriers in the quest to launch one of the most significant oral drug delivery innovations in decades.

Lyndra has built a culture that is dynamic, empowering and committed to innovation.

Diversity and equity

A unique characteristic of Lyndra is the diversity of its workforce, including the executive team and board. More than half the Lyndra workforce is female and the team welcomes, values and promotes people with multiple ethnicities, backgrounds, identities and experiences.

Empowered employees

Team members across Lyndra play leadership roles in the company’s Diversity and Inclusion, Empowerment and Social committees, and participate in Lyndra’s employee-driven affinity groups.

Defying industry norms

In an industry where men lead nine out of 10 companies, Lyndra is one of the only biopharmaceutical companies with two consecutive female CEOs and a female board chair.


A range of backgrounds and perspectives is critical to Lyndra’s success. The dedicated members of the employee Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Steering Committee support a team that is as diverse as the people who need Lyndra’s products. By assembling a team with diverse identities, experiences and perspectives, and creating a focus on collaboration across functions and teams, Lyndra has built a culture that is dynamic, empowering and innovation-focused.

Employees on the D&I Steering Committee help Lyndra lead in valuing every voice through internships, mentorship programs, hosting afternoon coffee chats, providing training and more.

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"As a co-op, the level of responsibility I was given and trust that the company had in me allowed me to grow as an engineer and jumpstart my career."
Sara Liebler - Senior Associate Engineer

Dedicated to learning

Lyndra is proud to play its part in training the next generation of leaders through mentorships, internships, and its partnership with the Cooperative Education (co-op) Program at Northeastern University. Developing the LYNX™ drug delivery platform requires the kind of ingenuity and creativity that young talent brings to the table. In particular, the co-op program engages college students in experiential education opportunities by welcoming them to join Lyndra full-time for six-month periods to learn on-the-job skills that connect with their field of study.

Undergraduate students and recent graduates working at Lyndra take ownership of projects and are treated as core members of the team. Opportunities exist in a range of departments, such as engineering, process development, supply chain, manufacturing, human resources, finance and R&D.

Fostering camaraderie

At Lyndra, dedicated employees of the Social Committee provide a schedule of inclusive, evolving, fun events to foster teambuilding, pride and camaraderie.

Through parties, happy hours, special events, networking events, community service opportunities and affinity groups, the Social Committee makes sure every member of the Lyndra team can participate and thrive in an inclusive, enjoyable and rewarding culture.

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"As a co-op, the level of responsibility I was given and trust that the company had in me allowed me to grow as an engineer and jumpstart my career."
Sara Liebler - Senior Associate Engineer

Valuing every voice

Members of the Empowerment Team are employees from all across Lyndra’s operations who steward Lyndra’s core purpose and values. The team advocates for employee needs and drives solutions that foster a thriving culture of employee engagement where every voice is valued. The Empowerment Team sponsors the Core Values Champion awards every quarter.

Lyndra's culture in Action
saumya moorthy headshot
Saumya Moorthy

Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Research

I grew up in a small town in India, and I am the first member of my family to come to the United States for higher studies. Coming to America was a dream come true but it was also a big responsibility—I knew I had to make my parents proud. After graduating from St. John’s University, I started my career in drug development. When I got an opportunity at Lyndra, I was very excited to contribute to a technology that has the potential to benefit millions, and truly change the...

yilin li headshot
Yilin Li

Associate Financial Analyst, Finance

For me, working at Lyndra is like being part of a big family. I know—because I grew up in China in a big family, the oldest of six sisters. Like members of a family, the people at Lyndra look out for and help one another. I started working at Lyndra in May 2019, and since then, the leaders on my team have become my mentors and friends. They are so kind and empathetic, and I never have to be shy about asking questions. They are also inspiring, encouraging me to...

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