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Jonathan Raber

Senior Associate Engineer, Engineering & Industrialization

Member Highlight

My path to Lyndra may not have been the most direct, but I consider myself living proof that with aptitude and a willingness to learn, you can take advantage of opportunities and move your life in new directions. Growing up in rural Sterling, MA, I developed a love for the outdoors. My mom was an art teacher and my dad was an engineer, so I learned from an early age to appreciate the beauty of the world around me, from the trees in the woods near my house to the elegance of a problem neatly solved.

I earned a degree in agronomy at UMass Amherst, taking classes in genetic engineering, chemistry and biology. Following this, I went on to work for a large life sciences company. During college and at this job experience, I became increasingly interested in helping to solve global health challenges related to climate change and food insecurity. Being part of the solution is important to me, and that is what brought me to Lyndra. Here, we are working on another critical global health challenge, access to medication.

At first, it might seem unusual to find someone with a background in agronomy working at a company that’s developing a novel drug delivery system, but for me the transition has worked out really well. Here, I’m able to apply my knowledge and skill set to a new global health challenge, even while I continually learn from the different backgrounds and skill sets of those around me. Working at Lyndra has opened up new doors, and in a way, that’s staying true to the company’s pledge to be inventive. At Lyndra, I’m able to re-invent my career path through continuing education and other opportunities even as all of us here work on re-inventing the way people take daily medications. I’m excited about what lies ahead—for me personally and for the company as a whole.