August 29, 2018

Our Therapies

Ultra-Long-Acting Oral Dosing is Achievable

Our Team has developed the first ultra-long-acting pill that lasts a week or longer and can provide a wide range of medicines in a familiar oral capsule form. Once inside the stomach, the capsule delivers steady amounts of medicine for seven days or more.  Our once-weekly product has safely demonstrated gastric residence with predictable pharmacokinetics in humans.  There are no other oral products which provide ultra-long-acting therapeutic coverage or a controlled, steady delivery of medicine which can reduce side effects and improve drug efficacy, resulting in measurable health outcomes.

  • Advantages in systemic, non-systemic, and local target delivery due to continuous & steady delivery
  • Possibility of reducing total dose while maintaining efficacy (non-inferiority)
  • Reducing Cmax can improve side effects
  • Forgiveness if delayed administration
  • Reduced healthcare costs through better pharmacology and measurable health outcomes
  • Patient freedom from the burden of daily medications
  • Adaptable for wide range of single agents and combinations
  • Discreet user controlled administration
  • Reduced pill burden
  • Reduced caregiver burden
  • Superior Pharmacology for existing Agents
  • Loss of Exclusivity (LOE)
  • Combination Products
  • Local GI Delivery
  • Non-systemic Delivery Enhanced Continuous Release