August 29, 2018


Everyone has a story to tell. And the team at Lyndra is no different. We’re a diverse group of passionate, dedicated individuals who come together every day—trying to make the impossible possible. Whether it’s a formative experience in the Peace Corps, or a childhood spent in Mexico, our stories are what drive our passion for the important work we do at Lyndra.

That’s why we created Inspired—to showcase the diverse experiences of our teammates, and to demonstrate that our stories make us greater than the sum of our parts.

Michelle Duan
Saumya Moorthy
Bill Avery
Christopher Griffis
Mark Jakubowicz
Sonia Holar
Ray Knox
Rose Kanasty
Jie Jing
Nupura Bhise
Jonathan Raber
Carlos Lee
Carmi Mandelkern
Megan Bishoff
Patty Quarton
Tyler Grant
Susan Birdsey
Jeff Katstra
Dave Dufour
Cecilia Kruger
Jess Ballinger
Michelle O’Connor
Juan Jaramillo Montezco
David Altreuter
Tammy Tai
Erik Ryde
Deblina Biswas
Luis Escobar
Estelle Beguin

Are you to join us?

We seek to occupy a unique space in the therapeutics industry. Through our recruitment, hiring and focus on collaboration across multiple skillsets and perspectives, we are building a culture that is dynamic, liberating and driven by innovation.

We are committed to diversity of ideas, interests and backgrounds. This is reflected in our leadership team and a rapidly growing family of “INSPIRED” individuals who are committed to supporting each other, as well as people around the world who will someday benefit from our therapies.

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