May 8, 2018



What if we stop trying to change the patient and instead we changed the pill?

Birth Control Pill Of The Future May Only Need To Be Taken Once A Month

WBUR, August 23, 2019

Recent News

Lyndra Therapeutics is making daily pills a thing of the past. Instead of trying to change the patient to improve adherence, Lyndra is changing the pill. The impact of medication non-adherence is a $289 billion problem alone in the U.S. With Lyndra’s oral, ultra-long-acting, sustained-release therapies, instead of taking medications daily or more frequently, patients could take medication weekly, or even monthly.

Our near-term focus is on addressing unmet need where compliance is a documented issue and weekly or monthly doses would improve medication adherence and health outcomes. Lyndra’s current pipeline includes therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, opioid use disorder and schizophrenia.

Changing the pill, not the patient

Our Team has developed the first ultra-long-acting pill that lasts a week or longer and can provide a wide range of medicines in a familiar oral capsule form. Once inside the stomach, the capsule delivers steady amounts of medicine for seven days or more.  The video below provides an overview of the weekly experience.