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Raymond Knox

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Raymond Knox, MBA, is the Chief Manufacturing Officer of Lyndra Therapeutics. Since joining the Lyndra team in 2016, Knox has been responsible for all manufacturing operations including establishing the custom-built GMP manufacturing facility in Lexington, Mass. Mr. Knox has significant experience and success across multiple sectors of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and demonstrated leadership in functions critical to successfully bringing these highly regulated products to market.

Mr. Knox has led the growth of the manufacturing capabilities in Lyndra, expanding from the R&D facility and establishing GMP clinical manufacturing operations at a new location. Mr. Knox’s work has been instrumental in leading the development of this new facility, which is designed to be both cost effective and able to operate at a high volume, incorporating advanced manufacturing capabilities including robotics and continuous manufacturing.

Mr. Knox has devoted his entire career to the medical device and combination therapy world and has played leadership roles in helping to facilitate the successful commercialization of at least 17 products across new launches and line extensions. Prior to joining Lyndra, Mr. Knox spent the majority of his early career working with large multi-national organizations. He has served as the vice president of manufacturing solutions for Ximedica; vice president of operation, product development and quality assurance for Biomedical Inc.; vice president of corporate quality assurance for Boston Scientific; R&D manager for Medtronic; and in roles of increasing responsibility related to mechanical and developmental engineering.

Since 2003, Mr. Knox has focused on combination drug-device or device drug products. For the last 12 years, Mr. Knox has focused on scaling manufacturing to support start-up companies, with a specific passion for bringing those technologies to commercial launch. In his current role as Chief Manufacturing Officer at Lyndra Therapeutics, Mr. Knox brings together all of these experiences as he is responsible for scaling unique technologies more typical outside the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the development of the LYNX drug delivery platform, a first-of-its-kind long-acting oral dosage form.

Knox holds a Master of Business Administration from Assumption College and a Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical) from University College Dublin, Ireland. Once a very active soccer player and board member of the Worcester Youth Soccer League, he has moved on to enjoying playing golf (sometimes competitively) with his wife Mary.

Member Highlight

While growing up in Dublin, I was always interested in science and math. I earned a mechanical engineering degree at University College Dublin. Like most people in my program, I had to emigrate to find work. There was a 20% unemployment rate in Ireland at the time, and I was sponsored to leave Ireland to work in the U.S. for a few years. The Irish government’s goal was to send graduate engineers and scientists abroad for training, hoping that many would return to fuel the Irish economy. This plan led to the “Celtic Tiger,” the Irish economic boom of the 1990s. I left and have been here ever since.

My first job was at a syringe manufacturer in Connecticut, and it was there that I learned that small changes can have a big impact on the lives of patients. We were producing small syringes used mainly by diabetic patients—we produced 15 million of these syringes a week—and I saw how fine variations in the needle point design could reduce the discomfort of daily injections. During the HIV crisis we developed safety syringes with retractable needles to avoid unintended needle sticks. I learned even the simplest of medical devices can have a huge impact on patient safety and quality of life.

From syringe manufacturing, I went on to work on devices for interventional cardiology, once again seeing how a discipline like mechanical engineering can change patients’ lives for the better. These jobs showed me that I am fundamentally inspired to work with, or on behalf of, patients. I gained a lot of experience over many years, seeing different parts of large organizations, from product development and project management, all the way to corporate quality positions. But I found that as my career continued, I was getting further and further away from what inspired me the most.

When I met Andrew, Tyler and Rose, believe it or not, they talked to me about Lyndra on and off over the course of one-and-a-half years. I realized this opportunity would bring me back to product development in a meaningful way. I was “sold” when I met Amy. She’s just one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever come across. For me, Lyndra’s technology was the hook. But it’s the people that landed me.

I know I’m using the word “inspiring” a lot, but it sums up the entirety of this company. What we’re doing here at Lyndra can change the world, improving healthcare outcomes by changing the way people take their medicine rather than trying to change people’s behaviors. This Lyndra team continues to innovate daily, finding solutions to complex problems and allowing us to move forward. Everyone here is striving to achieve something unique, something that other groups have tried and failed to achieve over the last 30 years. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is. From working with patients early on in my career, I now feel like I’ve come full circle, back to what I enjoy doing the most, and I am so grateful to be here.