dr. tyler grant headshot

Dr. Tyler Grant

SVP, EPRD | Founding Employee

Tyler Grant, Ph.D., is SVP, EPRD for Lyndra Therapeutics. Dr. Grant was one of the first hires at Lyndra after working as a post-doctoral fellow in the Langer Lab at MIT. While at MIT, Dr. Grant worked on the technology that was developed into Lyndra’s LYNX drug delivery platform. A Rhodes Scholar who earned a Ph.D. in Biomedical/Medical Engineering at Oxford, Dr. Grant is a widely published researcher who has worked on a range of novel technologies, including needle-free injection devices, orthopedic prostheses, tissue engineering scaffolds and long-acting oral pills. Dr. Grant enjoys hockey and recently welcomed a new baby into his family.

Member Highlight

I’ve always been interested in medicine and technology, so biomedical engineering was a perfect fit. I completed my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford and joined the Langer Lab at MIT to conduct a Postdoctoral Fellowship in drug delivery. During my time in the Langer Lab I met Gio Traverso and Andrew Bellinger, now co-founders of Lyndra, and we collaborated on a novel long-acting oral dosage form aimed at eliminating malaria. The technology was extremely successful and ultimately led to the founding of the biotechnology company now known as Lyndra.

I believe that the application of traditional engineering techniques to modern health-care challenges has the potential to greatly advance the treatment of disease, and to change the world. I have dedicated my career to this cause.

I decided to join Lyndra not because of the enormous potential of the technology, but because of the fearless team that rallied together to solve a complex challenge – patient adherence. Development of this technology requires an open-minded, innovative, and collaborative environment—and Lynda has fostered that kind of environment from the beginning. I greatly appreciate the openness of the team and non-bureaucratic environment of the organization. The inter-disciplinary problem solving that occurs on a daily basis is inspiring and not only leads to great strides forward, but promotes lifetime learning.

Following my undergraduate I was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and encouraged to ‘fight the world’s fight.” Fortunately, Lyndra has given me a platform to continue fighting.