August 29, 2018

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At Lyndra Therapeutics, we are inspired by our team members! Our team is the reason we continue to break barriers in our quest to create the most significant oral drug delivery innovation in decades.

Our team is growing rapidly! We welcome anyone who is excited by innovation and growth, demonstrates strong technical expertise, brings fresh ideas based on experience and is energized by the opportunity and fast pace of an emerging biotech. You’ll find we are collaborative problem-solvers, working together to advance our groundbreaking technology and our business to meet the needs of patients and caregivers.

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“When an unusual challenge is put in the hands of exceptional people, the work becomes energizing—and irresistible.”
Dr Patricia Hurter

The culture, purpose and drive to reinvent medicine for a healthier world

Through our recruitment, hiring and focus on collaboration across diverse skillsets and perspectives, we are building a culture that is dynamic, empowering and focused on continuous innovation.

“At Lyndra, everyone is necessary. Everyone is expected to work hard, to step outside their comfort zones, and ultimately, to make a difference"
Jessica Ballinger
President and COO
"The people at Lyndra are amazing. We come from all different walks of life and each one of us contributes to solving the formulation challenge in our own way. At Lyndra, all of the different voices are valued, and everyone is encouraged to do their all. That’s what it’s going to take to develop the world’s first long-lasting oral pill. There’s no way one person, or one discipline, can solve this alone. To be successful, all of us, science and medicine, industry and academics, need to work together."
Kwame Nti-Addae
Senior Director of Formulation and Process Development. Co-chair of the D&I Steering Committee


We at Lyndra believe that a range of backgrounds and perspectives are critical to our success. 

The dedicated members of our Employee Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Steering Committee help us work towards a team make up that is as diverse as the people who need our products. We welcome, value, promote and celebrate equality and individuality across all our functions and areas.

Employees on the D&I Steering Committee help Lyndra lead in valuing every voice through internships, mentorship programs, hosting afternoon coffee chats, providing training and more.


Members of the Empowerment Team are employees from all branches of Lyndra’s operations who steward Lyndra’s core purpose and values. The team advocates for employee needs and drives solutions that foster a thriving culture of employee engagement where every voice is valued.

The Empowerment Team sponsors the Core Values Champion awards every quarter.


Value Every Voice

Resilient to
the core

I contribute,
WE deliver


At Lyndra, dedicated employees of the social committee provide a schedule of inclusive, evolving, enjoyable events to foster teambuilding, pride and camaraderie!

Through parties, happy hours, special events, networking events, community service opportunities and clubs, the social committee makes sure every member of the Lyndra team can participate and thrive in an inclusive, enjoyable and rewarding culture.

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We’re a diverse group of passionate, dedicated individuals who come together every day to reinvent medicine. Our values, and the exceptional people who live them every day, make us a distinctive company with the culture, purpose and drive to succeed. We showcase the diverse experiences of our teammates to demonstrate that our stories make us greater than the sum of our parts.

Choon Yong Tan
Tyler Grant
Kwame Nti-Addae
Erik Ryde
Jonathan Raber
Patty Quarton
Saumya Moorthy
Carmi Mandelkern
Jeff Katstra
Yilin Li
Jie Jing
Christopher Griffis
Jess Ballinger
Kendra Mangan
Michelle O’Connor
Ray Knox
Rose Kanasty
Dave Dufour
Patricia Hurter

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